Your Heart’s Path

I’ve been thinking about Love a lot lately. Not romantic love, but the Love that is the strongest force on the planet. The Love that pulls us forward, that motivates our actions. Yeah, that groovy kind of Love…

I’ve also been thinking how my deepest desire is to fully embody the energy of Love and Joy in the actions I take, and to be conscious of the energy in my actions.

About ten years ago, I was in my living room in Souther California, and I remember a phrase popped into my head — “Your Heart’s Path.” And I thought, “Ooh, I want to teach on that! Actually, I want to understand it, and to live it. And then, I want to teach on that.”

I’ve always had an intuitive knowing that our Heart is how Spirit communicates to us. The vision that I got was that our Heart was like a compass in the middle of our chest, directing us to our Greatest Good. I believe that Life uses Love, the calling of our Hearts, to say “go this way! Make this decision!”

Unfortunately, many of us were taught to trust our head over our hearts. In fact, we have made it a lifetime skill to value the logic of the world, our culture, our families, all the things we “should” do, over where our Heart is calling us at this moment.

I’ve often wondered to myself… If I really had enough courage to follow my heart ALL the time, and to let Love take over me and lead me, what would my life look like? How would my choices be different? How many automatic decisions are just being made from my conditioning? How do I listen even deeper???

And you know what ELSE I’ve noticed, that when I choose my heart, the Universe FINANCES it! It’s true — all the resources suddenly become available, the time and space get made, and the path becomes clear when I’m brave enough to take a stand for my heart! It’s WILD!!! It’s nothing short of magic to me.

I also find that my playful creative nature is tied to harnessing the forces of Love and Joy in my life. And so, when I ignite PLAY in my life, and see my life as a time to PLAY, then Love and Joy is naturally infused in my actions, and life is just a WHOLE LOT MORE FUN!

So, when I get quiet, and I ask, “where is my Heart leading me right now?” — the answer is often directly tied to, “where do I want to Play?” And when I take a bold step in that direction, suddenly the way is made out of no way…


  1. So beautiful! I always knew that but you put it so eloquently in words. Heart is our portal to the Universe!

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