The Science of Oneness

As you might know, I have been obsessed with the sermons of MLK lately. And this morning, I read this quote, “I must not ignore the wounded man on life’s Jericho Road, because he is a part of me and I am a part of him. His agony diminishes me, and his salvation enlarges me.”

The words wrapped around me so powerful, I just sat with them.

I started thinking about Quantum Entanglement.

I’m absolutely no physicist (even though I did take AP Physics in High School, thank you very much!) But here’s my lay-woman’s way of describing it: particles (think photons, electrons, and molecules) affect each other, even when separated by very large distances.

So, if something happens to one particle, it’s as if the other particles “know” what happen to it — even if they are separated by light years away — and they are also changed. And Quantum Theory will tell us that it happens instantly. 

Do you know what Einstein called this?  “Spukhafte Fernwirkung” which means “spooky action at a distance.”

That cracks me up! Einstein thought it was spooky!! How do these particles know what’s going on? The information between them travels faster than the speed of light.

Wikipedia will tell us that the meaning of this whole Quantum Entanglement is that we learn that particles “are not individual particles but are an inseparable whole. In entanglement, one constituent cannot be fully described without considering the other(s).”

Basically, this whole quantum entanglement thing means that we are CONNECTED. And so, our thoughts, feeling, actions, and emotions (all vibration, all particles) impact one another.   Everything we do, affects each other.

So, when MLK says “he is a part of me and I am a part of him,” that’s not metaphor. That’s science.

When Jesus said the Golden Rule, “treat your neighbor as yourself,” there’s a reason for it. Your neighbor IS yourself.

We are ALL ONE.

Take that in.

We are all one single wave-function.

Ramona Maharishi said, “there are no others.” 

And the Course in Miracles will tell us that we only have one problem: we think we are separate. And that problem has already been solved, because we are not.

How juicy and mind-blowing is that?

You know when you are about to call someone, and at that exact moment, they call YOU! Or you feel your best friend, or a member in your family…and then find out that something great or painful just happened to them.

We have the power to FEEL each other because we are all interconnected.  When someone does an act of hate or of violence, we all feel it. And when someone does an act of love, we feel that too.

My dear friend Natalie got me turned onto the science behind forests. All the roots become intertwined in what are called “neighborhoods.” In nature, we see “root grafting” where trees (even of different species!) can share one huge circulatory system. And while trees can provide minerals and nutrients for each other,  they can also spread diseases. Trees can help or hurt each other.

I read an article on BBC online that quoted Suzanne Simard, from the 2011 documentary Do Trees Communicate? where she said, “Plants are not really individuals in the sense that Darwin thought they were individuals competing for survival of the fittest…In fact they are interacting with each other, trying to help each other survive.”

Doesn’t that make you think about US as human beings?

Our job is not just ourselves.  We are responsible for the WHOLE. The whole of mankind. The whole of the planet.

To love each other. To protect each other. To lift each other up.

And when we do, we ALL — every single one of us — benefit.

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” — Mother Teresa

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