I got a little Osho quote for you friends, it is RIGHT ON POINT with what we’ve been talking about. Buckle your seatbelt and read this one.

” People are constantly living in discontent about everything. It is a habit. It is not that, if they have more money and a better house and a better wife or a better son or a better job, they will be content — it is not that. Whatsoever they have they will remain discontented. Poor, they will be discontented; rich, they will be discontented.  Discontented is a habit of the mind.”  — Osho

So our mind (our Ego) is programed for discontent. For knowing our seperateness. And it’s a habit. To chase after what our mind feels is a disturbance…and so the feeling like we have to be the one to fix it. And so the endless busy-iness.

This never-ending fixing… and doing… and hustling. It’s because we are addicted to the discontent. Thinking there is somewhere else we “should” be.

So, how do we break the addiction? And how to we flip the paradigm and get out of the cycle of discontent?

Okay, what if “content” was our new starting point? What if, no matter what’s going on in our lives, we go ahead and call it a success? What if, as the brilliant spiritual teacher Byron Katie says, we learn to fall in love with what is?

I’m realizing right now — as I write this — that the Law of Least Effort is really about acceptance.

If it is ALL holy, if it ALL divine, we don’t have to try to manipulate the external world to be different.

We can breathe. We can accept. And maybe as we start loving what is, it creates the space where the Universe can do “her thing,” and then, naturally everything changes in its own divine timing.

EXERCISE for Day 9:

Where have you been holding on tight and wanting things to be the way you think they “should be”? Is there somewhere where you have gotten addicted to the “discontent” of a situation? Perhaps this can be the opportunity to not try to “fix it” but instead, just love it.

Write it down on a piece of paper and then “give it” to the Universe as an offering. Maybe you burn it, or rip it up as you say a chant. Find a way to ritualize letting go… and letting grace in.

Perhaps love creates the space where miracles can happen, and things can evolve in their own timing.

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