So last night we got the 2016 election results. It feels like today has been a day of shock, anger, sadness, grief, loss, disbelief…and I’m sure so many other emotions. Including our desire to love each other deeply.

I was traveling today from NYC to LA, and everywhere I went, every person I came into contact with, our eyes would meet and thoughts were exchanged with no words. Like “here we are” and “let’s be so kind to each other.”

Now is the time for deep processing. We all need to process what we feel, who we are, and where do we go from here?

For Day 7, I’m not going to write much. Let’s just all sit with our feelings. Feel all our feelings.

Then, let’s allow our deep feelings move us into action.

More on that tomorrow.

EXERCISE for Day 7:

Allow yourself to feel everything without exception.

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