So, it’s fascinating that around Day 5 and 6 of my experiment, I really hit some busy days, and I found the Law of Least Effort a real life saver.

It gave me permission to stop.

It gave me permission to say, “No, Kristin don’t send one more email, go to bed.” To say, “Shhh, baby girl, go slow, go gentle… ” We were speaking the other day in CREATE about how to become Sustainable Artists. We intend to be Artists that have careers their whole lives. And to do so, one has to run the race to last, not burn out.

When life starts to get busy (as it sometimes does, especially in New York!) I like to envision myself as a leaf in the wind — remember Forrest Gump — and I ask the Flow to take me. And in these busy moments, I like to invoke the powers of Joy and Ease. What if I get amazed about how easy Life is today? What if I consider myself on the lookout for Joy?

So, then, instead of my head getting caught in “The Story of Busy.” I instead find myself with unexpected delights during my day.

And as Artists and Creators, we have the opportunity to CREATE lives we love. Which means we get the opportunity to go within and ask ourselves “What do I love?” and “Where does my heart get excited?”

In my morning reading by Osho, he was discussing bliss and he said “never miss an opportunity. There are a thousand and one opportunities every day. Once you are alert you will be surprised how many opportunities you have been missing up to now.”

EXERCISE for Day 6:

Be a detective for Bliss! (Thank you, Candy!!)  How about we just notice today all the opportunities that Life is giving us to see the Bliss that is all around? Where do you notice it, post below!!

Vintage detective looking through a magnifier

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  1. I’ve found this series at the perfect time for me. As a recovering type A “workhorse” I love the focus on allowing things to happen as opposed to pushing/muscling everything. I feel it will deepen my sense of trust both with myself and the divine. Of course I immediately though “ok, well Kristen is on day 6 so I’ll go back and do all the exercises day by day and just be 6 days behind.” But then I caught myself. Following the Law of Least Effort, I will join right you right here on Day 6.

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