I’m talking to my dear, amazing brilliant writer-friend Steve who is getting ready to leave town (for exciting career reasons) and he is telling me about all the things he has to do before he leaves. And we start laughing, talking about “The Story of Hard.” He says, “of course I have a list of 100 Things I Have To Do, but if I really get honest and boil it down, I only have four things I HAVE to do. But my head keeps making the case for the 100 Things I Have To Do, and then I get stressed out, and run around with my head cut off, not being present.”

And I start to think about “The Story of Hard,” which is a cousin of “The Story of I Have SO Much To Do,” and also a relative of “The Story of I Will Never Get It Done.” And they are all stories. Stories we tell ourselves. Stories that take us out of this moment, stories that take us out of BLISS.

When I think of the Law of Least Effort, what is really does is get us out of the story that we need to be the primary do-er. That maybe…we are working with another Force, which is already doing, and will do through us if we are open.

Interestingly enough, my friend Steve goes on and says, “And then I had this moment yesterday where I just let go of my list, sat down, and I just starting writing, and this new piece came out of me that was so inspired.”

I realize THAT’S why I am really doing this experiment in The Law of Least Effort… I’m interested in living MORE in inspiration, MORE in the magic, and less in the To-Do lists. That really I wanna work with the Universe in a new way… like have a new agreement between us…

Me to the Universe: “How about I make it my job to live in joy, bliss, creative expression, and following my heart? And in return, you take care of getting it done, making it happen, and working out the timeline and resources?” 

Universe to Me: “Finally! You get it!! I’ve been waiting YEARS for you to say that!” 

So, for me, The Law of Least Effort is also about invoking more miracles in my life, to be in deeper partnership with the Divine.

And you know what the Course in Miracles says: Miracles are natural. 


Oh! And speaking of, how’s this for a little miracle? I told Natalie (my delicious co-teacher) when I started this experiment, that I was just going to start blogging about it, not even broadcast that I was doing it…and then a member of the CREATE community, Kristin Stokes, found it and spread it on the CREATE community Facebook page. I was like “Good job, Universe! You shared my experiment with others, and I didn’t have to do anything but write it! Yes! Now, that’s the energy I like working with!”

And right now, I hear the sexy spiritual teacher Michael Beckwith’s words in my ears: “No more struggle, no more strife! I got the Spirit in my life!” 

So, if you are reading this, and you wanna do this experiment with me…leave a comment, write a question, let’s get in dialogue about it!


Share what your current “Story” is. What is the “Story” you tell yourself that you wanna re-write?

And in my next blog, I’ll drop some books we can share on this experiment together and maybe add some fun exercises!!

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