This is Day 4 in my experiment, and Day 3 came with a huge exciting email about the potential of something I’ve wanted for a long time! So that was pretty thrilling! And to me, it feels like it’s somehow related…this idea of taking my hands off the steering wheel, giving all to the divine and dedicating myself to moving with the flow of Existence.

I always think the Divine wants to show us, “Look what I can do!” It wants to be in that kind of relationship with us where it blows our minds with what is possible.

Last night, as I was going to bed, this Michael Beckwith quote came to my mind, “We don’t have to make it happen, we make it welcome.” It’s like opening ourselves to what is possible… And not pushing the metaphorical bolder uphill. Harmony, invitation, allowing. How do we play with these energies in our life?

So The Law of Least Effort is showing up in my life in different ways…some big, and some small. For example, this morning, I went for a run, I usually like to do 5 miles. And sometimes I really push my body, even when I don’t feel like it. But this morning, I wanted to look at the colors of the fall leaves and just be in awe of the world… That’s how I was feeling called. So, I walked for a bit, then ran for a bit. A tiny adjustment, but it got me into deeper listening with my body, my joy. (And look at the beauty I got to behold…!!!)


I feel like I’m courting “Ease” into my life. And I love to treat “ease” like my number one job! Natalie and I taught on “Ease” in CREATE a few months back, and I pulled up the lecture to see what nuggets from it wanted to jump out at me… Check out this one: “If all we ever are is the presence of love moving forward in the world, how can love not move with ease? So, we don’t push, but rather move with love. Push is a lie of the ego, that says you’re not enough so do more, harder, faster.”

So, The Law of Least Effort isn’t about not doing anything, but perhaps moving from a conscious place. Not pushing from the Ego, but moving with Love.

Here are three steps I’m practicing:

  1. Get still. There’s the verse that says “Be Still and Know that I’m God.” So, get comfortable with Stillness and know that everything that is created comes from that place deep within where we are one with our Creator.
  2. Tune into Inspiration. There’s a part of us that knows what direction to go, or where to move because we get turned on! Our enthusiasm (en-theos, translated to mean “the God within” or “fire from the Gods”) knows exactly where we are meant to go.
  3. Move from Love. Once we know the direction we want to move, can we move that way with Love as our compass and our engine. Because that’s ALL WE ARE. We are just the presence of Love moving through the world.

EXERCISE for Day 4:

How might you incorporate a little more Stillness in your Life today? Maybe just list one way that sounds juicy and yummy… maybe its taking a nap when you feel like it? Or going to bed early? Or taking five minutes just to turn inward instead of doing the next thing. Tell me all about it!!

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