Ooh, I’m loving this living in the flow! And going with the evolutionary impulse.

How’s this for least effort? I spent until 11am this morning in bed cuddling with my Sweetheart. Isn’t that what’s life about?

And then I walked through Central Park, looking at the fall leaves, drinking a latte, and communing with my Soul. It’s so funny I realize, I’ve spent so much of my life doing “what I think I should do” to advance a project forward, or create the next thing, or be productive, I’ve often let joy take a backseat to achievement.

Interestingly enough, I have this poem-like declaration I wrote a 14 or 15. It’s like a mission statement and I keep it on the wall beside my desk to remind me of who I am. It says “through living out my passion each day and finding achievement within myself am I truly successful.” 

I think of how somewhere in my 20’s I got that confused with being successful in the world. And now I see how I’m trying to flip that paradigm. To wonder and be curious about what does it mean to be successful within myself. What does my Soul want for me?

As I wandered through Central Park today, I thought about how often I have in my life jumped from one project to another. Workshop a musical, to make a film, to shoot a music video, and yes, ALL of this is fun! And I create from my heart! And it’s a blessing to be able to do so! But…I was thinking about how I rarely have left downtime between projects. Time to reflect. Time to think about what do I want to make next. Time to be still and go deep within. And I know the work will be better if I do so.

And then something wonderful happens when I don’t push myself…when I’m listening to my body and just doing the thing that comes next. This radical, overwhelming JOY. A joy that comes from being AT ONE with life. Of feeling the flow.

Oh, then after all that, I actually felt inspired. I felt like I wanted to write. Like I wanted to do my emails. Like I wanted to participate.

And I realized something is at the base of letting go, and the Law of Least Effort. Real trust. Trust that Life loves you. Trust that the Divine wants you to be in joy. Trust that we are supposed to follow our heart and our body and that there is a wisdom there that is bigger than we know!!

“When one is in a deep let-go with the whole, the consequence is Bliss.” — Osho

Exercise for Day 2:

What’s something that sounds like fun that you want to do today? Maybe its stare out the window? Waste time? What would you do today if you were just listening to your Soul and taking care of that?

And PS: I love you!!

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