I have had a DAY full of the Law of Least Effort… you know, when you are just following your bliss and letting one thing unfold into the next effortlessly…

And I think the reasons I love studying the Law of Least Effort, is that I often have ego voice in the back of my head (that is so seductive!) that wants to say to me, “Are you doing enough?”

And one of my Achilles heels is the tendency to do TOO MUCH. It has to do with my zest for life, my huge curiosity, my endless creativity, but in there is also a part that has put too much value on accomplishing. As opposed to letting life be lived THROUGH me.

And I was looking up Deepak’s definition of The Law of Least Effort today and I saw this sentence: “This law is based on the fact that nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease and abandoned carefreeness.”

Abandoned carefreeness.

I think this just became my favorite phrase in all of the world.

YES! My Spirit yells out!!!

I love abandoned carefreeness. That is when I’m in the zone.

I know in the center of my heart, that is how I’m being called to live.

So lets’s break this down: “Abandoned” in this context means “unrestrained, uninhibited, wild, impulsive.” And “carefreeness” means “lighthearted, joyful, without anxiety or worry.”

Isn’t that how we ALL want to give ourselves permission to be? Free? Without worry? Full of joy and ease?

And what I love about this Law is that it says that it IS how we were meant to live.

I dig me a good Jesus passage, and I think of the part in the book of Matthew that talks about how the birds are always fed, and the flowers are always clothed in the most beautiful ways. And how much more are we loved? And that worrying about stuff doesn’t do anything. We can trust that all of our needs are provided for, before we even ask.

I feel like there is SO MUCH conditioning around the phrase “hard work” in our society, and I don’t know if its helping us. I think perhaps the real calling is to let our soul express itself in the most playful of ways…

So dance, be wild, follow your impulses, and enjoy your precious beautiful life!!  Be sweet to yourself and drink of every bit of joy that is here to be had!!

Everything is going to get done. Everything will be taken care of.

Follow Life. Let It Lead You.

EXERCISE for Day 13

What does “abandoned carefreeness” look like to you? What is one way today that you want to demonstrate this in your life?

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