The Law of Least Effort – Day 12

The more I write about the Law of Least Effort, the more I realize its about moving in harmony with Existence itself. And this, of course, implies that we must listen to Life, and to the Spirit within us, in order to do so.

I truly believe we have to SLOW DOWN to really MOVE.

Isn’t it fascinating? Getting still is the fast track to our dreams.

You know the TV show that just came to mind? Quantum Leap. Do you remember that one? Where Scott Bakula moved from one time period to another solving problems. I loved that show!!

And I think of how we leap forward in terms of consciousness is by going within… It enables us, like Mr. Bakula, to move faster than the speed of light.

A couple of days ago, I was listening to a Tony Robbins talk (as I did the dishes the other day!My favorite place to listen to talks) and he said he loves Business because its “Spirit made manifest.” Isn’t that what Creativity is too? Its Spirit made manifest through your art?

ULTIMATELY what we intend to do, whether in business or in art, is take Spirit from the unseen realm and bring it to the seen realm. So, doesn’t it make sense that the more time we spend in Spirit, then the more CLEAR we can become on what the vision is, and the instructions on how to bring it forward?

It is this kind of deep listening that creates the space where we move in harmony with Life Itself.

EXERCISE for Day 12:

Take some time today just to listen deeply to Life…listen deeply to Your Spirit. Ask it to reveal what wants to be made manifest through you.

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