The Law of Least Effort – Day 10

One of the things I think of when I think about The Law of Least Effort, is the fundamental idea that Life loves us.

That we live in a Universe that is always giving, nurturing, and abundant. Of course, sometimes we can’t see that, because we have an idea of how we think Life is, and then we PROJECT that out. I once heard a spiritual teacher say (and I can’t remember who!) that whatever were the characteristics of our primary care-givers, we often PROJECT upon the Divine.

So, if we were raised in an environment that was judgmental or harsh, or where we couldn’t be ourselves or were punished, we often PROJECT that idea on the Universe — and then that is what we experience.

But if we can redeem this idea, and see Life as loving and adoring us, and wanting our best, wouldn’t this same loving force also want us to be in bliss? Wouldn’t it want us to be fully-realized and full of self-love? 

And yet, we are the only ones who can usher in that kind of self-love and self-acceptance… If our mind is bent towards self-criticism and self-judgement, how can we be open to the love that is all around? We have to be willing to see it to feel it.

Now, let’s take it a step up from here. What if we raise the bar?

What if we up the ante of self-love? Can we talk about treasuring ourselves? Adoring ourselves? Admiring ourselves? Treating ourselves spectacularly??? Like the Gods and Goddess we are???

I wonder if this idea of “working hard” comes from an idea that we have to earn our good. As if there is something fundamentally flawed in us, that we don’t just get to have it because we are it.  Yet, thats what the Root Chakra (the first chakra) is all about. Our right to have. We don’t have to be deserving . We are it.

EXERCISE for Day 10:

Celebrate yourself wildly. Rejoice in your own magnificence. Throw your arms around yourself and say “I love you.” Find one way today that you can honor the Divine magical creature that you are.

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