Friends, my heart is on fire and I have to change course.

INSPIRED ACTION. It is action that comes from deep within. Not the action that feels like we have to do something to keep busy, or because we “should”…but motivated, focused, spiritual action that comes from the core of who we are.

That is what is going on inside of me right now. The NEED to take ACTION.

The night we got the election results, I couldn’t sleep. I just starred at my ceiling and I felt my heart burning. Around 6am, I finally got out of bed, and was drawn to my bookshelf. I picked up Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Strength to Love.”

Since Wednesday morning, it has been my guidebook. And as I re-read it, I feel like what Martin was talking about then applies so much to right now.  His words: “The hope of a secure and livable world lies with disclosed nonconformists, who are dedicated to justice, peace, and brotherhood.”

I’m with Natalie Roy, my soul sister and co-teacher in LA, on our way to a Heart Chakra retreat, and we can’t stop talking about how there’s this huge inner calling… an inner pull so strong… to re-route the direction our teaching to artists to be about the importance of Art as Activism.

In fact, I was drawn to pick-up a copy of Andrew Harvey’s “The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism.”

It’s so clear that as Artists, we are the Healers of the world. And when we see the symptoms of prejudice, sexism, and racism rise up in our country, it is telling us that our country is ill, it is sick. We have a disease. As the Healers of this planet, that means it is OUR TIME TO GO TO WORK. It is time for surgery.

On Wednesday night, Natalie and I saw spiritual leader Michael Beckwith at Agape. He said that this was “a opportunity dressed in work clothes.”  He went on to say that this hate,  bigotry, and fear has been in our country all along.  It was just in hiding, it was in the dark where we couldn’t see it. So we could be naive to it, we could pretend it wasn’t there. But now…its out in the open. Where we can see it. Where it is obvious. Where it is undeniable.

In order for something to be healed, it has to come up to the surface. It has to become visible, so that we can treat it. We have to know that we are sick, so we can go right into the center of what is ailing us.

So, that’s our job right now. It’s very clear.

And if you are an Artist this is your call.  Beckwith said on Wednesday night, we can ask our Inner Spirit, “What is my Assignment?” and the answer will come. We all have a different assignment here. And it takes all of us, together, to create this healing.

I love you. Deeply. Dearly. I believe in us.

EXERCISE for Day 1:

Sit with the question, “What is My Assignment?”





  1. Excited to see what assignment the universe gives me… I know that in the face of “all this” the place I want to create from is LOVE.

  2. I feel like the assignment is the same, but more focused, and the need deeper. It’s like I keep getting clearer and calmer about what I need to do.
    Love these posts – thank you!

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