Did you know your job is just to do your work, and not to judge it? Yep! So funny, because how often do we want to judge the way our expression comes through us? This is video is #5 in my video series on Florence Scovel Shinn. It’s about trusting who we are as artists and seeing our work as a gift.

Perfect Self-Expression

Get in the Flow — LET GO OF STRUGGLE

This is one of my favorite teachings! The Law of Non-Resistance. So simple and so powerful to put into practice!!!

Here’s #4 in this video series for artists on the teachings of Florence Scovel Shinn. This is all about how to see what life is giving us is a GIFT — no matter how uncomfortable it may seem at the time. We can actually transform things in our life by embracing them and flowing with them. Check it out!

The Law of Non-Resistance

Get with the Flo – FAITH VS. FEAR

Ooh, this is one of my favorite things to talk about! How to “make your faith bigger than your fear.” This is Week Three on my video series on Florence Scovel Shinn. I’d love to hear what you think about this one… I can tell you personally, I always need this reminder!


Week Two in this video series on the teachings of spiritual teacher Florence Scovel Shinn… We dive into the power of our Imagination and the brilliance of our Intuition!

Get on it!!


My First Vlog! Yes, I’m REALLY doing it!!! AHHHHHH!!!!

So, this has been a vision of mine for years…sharing my thoughts on Spiritual Tools for Artists. And when a friend of mine told me I had to take my teaching to the next level — take it from words to video — I felt excited, exhilarated, scared, like I wanted to vomit, all of that! And I knew all of those crazy feelings knew that I had to do it. So I did.

I talk all about that process in the video below.  I also introduce this 7 part video series I’m doing on Florence Scovel Shinn, one of my fav Spiritual Teachers. I’m stoked to share her work with you! I dig her so and I hope you do too!

Oh, you also get to see inside my apartment… 😉

And, of course, I’d LOVE to hear your comments!

Something NEW is coming!

So, very exciting and totally vulnerable news! I’m making the transition into video blogs…After lots of wonderful encouragement from friends and those of you who’ve taken my workshops, last week I recorded my first set of video blogs!! AHHH!!!!

Ooh, it’s so crazy to do something new…and so fascinating how alive it makes you feel!


And as I was prepping, and doing my inner work to think about what I wanted to share, this came out of me…

I have a very simple message, and here is it: there is something you’ve been given to bring into the world. You know it. It’s inside of you. You were perfectly designed to be the “parent” to bring it to life.

The very moment that you say “yes” to this vision, and you walk in its direction, Life will re-configure to help you. So, any excuse you are giving yourself about not enough time, not enough money, not enough resources…its not the truth. It’s a lie from the part of you that wants to keep you small.

The Universe is abundant.

Now, what you may have to do is increase your faith. You have to believe that this is a world that’s in favor of you and that wants you to become your Full Self. Sometimes you have to walk though the valley of your doubt to birth this idea. You may have to shed things that don’t serve you. You may have to face your fears head on.

This is a process that leads to transformation.

That vision that you’ve been given has come here to change you as well as bless you.

It’s a gift.

Lastly, to receive this gift, you have to get still and ask for guidance. If you create a relationship with the Divine (Your Higher Self, God-Mind, Nature, whatever you want to call it) and you will be told exactly what to do: through your intuition, through prayer, through your meditation. But you have to make space to listen. You will be given everything that you need.

We can go deeper into the work. We can talk about how we say “yes” to it, why its scary, how the process of transformation occurs, how our chakras are involved, but if there’s one thing that I want you to get right now, its this…

Your dream wants to come true. And it wants to come true through you.

It wants to happen.

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” — Joseph Campbell


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