7 Steps of Creating – WRAP UP

In wrapping up the Seven Steps of Creating, I looked over these past entries and saw how the majority of the posts came back to the balance of going within yourself, listening, and then acting upon that knowledge in the outside world. There is a back and forth system of harvesting what is inside you, and then sharing it with others.

This week, as I was going through my files, I came across my speech to the UCLA Theater, Film & Television graduating class of 2013, when I was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award in Theater. As I reviewed my speech, I saw how it incapsulated what I believe about the balance of feminine and masculine energies in creation. I wanted to share it with you here as a kind of “wrap up” on this blog series. I feel it distills down to the essence of what I think our job is here as creators.

I hope you enjoy!



It’s such a great honor to get to be here today. I look out over your bright faces and I feel so much enthusiasm about your life, your art, and everything that is in front of you. You know, I started jotting down this week things that I wanted to share with you, things that I wish someone had told me, and its funny — it came down to two ideas:


Two totally opposite ideas. But let me explain…

Get still enough to hear yourself. I believe our passion will send us in the direction of our success, but that we have to get quiet enough to hear the whispers of our heart. That’s where our gold is. That’s where all the great ideas are.

Get still and really listen to your instinct. Get quiet enough to block out the “NO’s” and hear your inner “YES.” Let that inner “YES” be louder than all the world’s “NO’s.”

You can’t force success or your own objective, all you can do is listen in any individual circumstance to the inner wisdom of your own soul.

And then…

Get busy.

Follow that inner wisdom. Get busy and follow what your gut tells you. Don’t ask how, that’s not your job. Get busy, and in my experience, there is enough time, enough resources, enough money. I promise, the way will be made if you just start creating.

Do what you love, and eventually, you’ll be paid for it. Make your own opportunities. Art has its own magic in it. See, I believe if an idea comes to you, its because it wants to be born in the world through you. So keep doing the work, even when there are obstacles in front of you — and I know, absolutely, there will be! Those obstacles are there to grow you. Keep going, and if you don’t give up, eventually everything will fall into place.

I believe we have to have faith that Life is good and it wants us to win. And there are people who want to help you on your way.

So, get quiet. Listen.

Then, get busy. Act.

The last thing I want to say is that sometimes it all takes much longer than you think (I mean, most of my projects are on the 5-7 year plan!) but sometimes, it also happens a lot faster than you expect. But you never know which one its going to be. So be present. Be grateful. Try not to worry. And enjoy exactly where you are.

Thank you!


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